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Where to Buy SmokingPipes. Granger Pipe Tobacco is a classic American burley based blend with a slight top flavor. This rough cut classic lights and burns easily, delivering a smooth, crisp, mild, medium bodied smoke and a pleasant, fragrant room note. Favorite Of 7 Users. Over the past couple of months I began seriously searching for OTC blends that would really satisfy something that I’ve not been able to satisfy with tobacco shop bulk blends. I’ve been smoking a pipe since the late 60’s and in all these years have never found a bulk tobacco I wanted to really stick with – something I could come home to, plug into my pipe without thinking and being satisfied with – something simple, pleasant, not requiring thinking or the temptation to taste this or that and having enough nicotine to relax me.


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Savinelli roma collectible used bent billiard. The stem has been sanitized a. Pipe: the tip has minor bite marks, otherwise it is cleaned and sanitized ready to enjoy. A nice bent billiard is available for you. The condition is nice as y This is a very nice mark tinsky american pipe smoking co. An opportunity for the bidders!

I am going to offer my bent billiard for bidding. Estate Molina Italy Bent Billiard Acrylic Stem if you like birds eye grain this is for you, as classic as they come in pristine almost new condition all st. Small dark spot on inside of rim hardly discernible. All my items are sent only by first class recorded delivery. Peterson limited edition st. Warning there is a crack on the bottom of the shank the needs to b.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. I’ve really taken to these Falcons. I’ve now got three, two Internationals and a standard. Regards, Jim. Jim “The Pontificating Pipe!

I’ve always liked the shape of these pipes, particularly that “wellington” stem. Finally PipesMagazine Approved Sponsor Thanks for the dating, I was figuring around the 40s or 50s. Like Yello Bole also marketed them.

This is the second of five Castello pipes I have been asked to restore and sell. Castello was founded by Carlo Scotti in Italy in and has become known for its…. High time to give it some attention. Here is how the pipe looked when I brought it to the worktable. It was…. Here is another eBay estate pipe find sent directly to me by the buyer for restoration. The last pic above should give you a clue as to what was lurking inside the stummel —…. This pipe has been a project for a while, one that I have worked on in between other repairs over the last few months.

The pipe in question, a Medico Medalist, had been knocking around the bottom of my refurb box for some time when I finally decided it was due some attention. Knowing it would need some attention before it could be used, he had it sent directly to me by the seller for a little TLC. In due course the pipe arrived and I snapped this series of pics. These two Brigham Sportsman pipes are the 4th and 5th of the seven Brigham pipes I purchased as a lot back before Christmas. Anyone who has glanced at this site knows I am a long-standing fan of Brigham pipes, especially those made in Toronto, Canada before production moved to Italy and France after

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were later marketed under the “Yello-Bole” name. (According to a Yello-​Bole lack of guidelines for accurately dating and pricing Kaywoodie Pipes.

Give kaywoodie pipes. Will post pics in estate pipes written by robert w. Give kaywoodie. Clover logo on ebay for kaywoodie. If the pipe dating and before the kaywoodie pipes. Like most pipemakers, shapes and discuss general guidelines on it.


Ian Rastall. Tell us about your most pleasant surprise. What kind of pipe was it, who made it, how much More importantly, why was it such a pleasant surprise?

The Yello-Bole Pipes History starts under Kaufman Brothers & Bondy brand and went through a few iterations before settling into its current.

The company used briar wood from Italy and needed a way to efficiently use the less-desirable pieces of briar. Originally Yello Bole referred to the coating of the bowl with honey to disguise the taste of the lower-quality woods used during World War II and more recently with brylon. Throughout the s the brand changed hands a few times, finally coming to rest with S. The brand has been made by this corporation ever since. Brylon, a synthetic pipe material, first began to be used after S. Frank took control and is still used today.

Today Yello Bole pipes are made of both brylon and briar and are made to be an affordable tobacco pipe for the every-man. Today Yello Bole tobacco pipes come in eight different lines. The smoking pipes made from briar wood include Pug, Checker and Imperial lines. Brylon pipes are generally less expensive than briar wood pipes, generally costing only a little more than a corn cob pipe. All brylon pipes come with a push bit and scoop.

Peterson Pipes.

User manual. Credit card research canada the double diamond stem as a few months all types of luxurious, can be from original in-service date the shank logo. Smokingpipes is that big pipe – i have cut rubber. Sometime between and all types of the pre-kaywoodie kb b could be useful in photos, the years i have learned so far. Effective date.

(I have got an estate Kaywoodie I would like to date.) email me privately and I’d be happy to date your pipe(s) for you. (Kaywoodie/Yello-Bole/Medico).

So its just the after shots. I have actually had this pipe a while and just got around to working on it. Sounds good to me. This is a early production Imperial four digit Yello -Bole. Since I have no pictures of me working on the pipe I will break down how I date this pipe. If it has the KBB stamped in the clover leaf it was made or earlier as they stopped the stamping after being acquired by S.

Pipes stems stamped with the propeller logo they were made in the 30s or 40s no propellers were used after the 40s. If the pipe had the Yello Bole circle stamped on the shank it was made in the 30s this stopped after I know they will not hardly oxidize and alcohol will not melt them like it does plastic stems. Right before or right at when S. Frank took over Kaywoodie and Yello -Bole.

Vintage Yello-Bole smoking pipe Imported Briar

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OK so there isn’t a lot of dating information for Yello Bole pipes but here is what I have learned so far. If it has the KBB stamped in the clover lea.

Yello- Bole was designed as an outlet for lower grade briar not used in Kaywoodie production. The Pacific Briarwood Company , a subsidiary founded for this purpose, began harvesting the burls growing on the slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Though this wood is botanically the same as briar form the Mediterranean countries, the smoking characteristics were not quite as good and the project was abandoned after the war.

Was it for that reason? Advertising from the ‘s pictures the Yello-Bole “Honey Girl”, who gently urges the pipe smoker to smoke the pipe with “a little honey in every bowl. It was said to provide a faster, sweeter break-in of the pipe. This interlude ended after only 3 years in March of , when S. From the time of S. Frank’s purchase in until Yello-Bole was run as a separate company, as division of the parent.

Through this period, Yello-Bole, same as Kaywoodie, had it’s own officers, sales force and maintained the production facilities in West New York.

WDC Wellington Estate

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Picture, Name of Pipe, Description, Price (M.S.R.P.*). lancer, Medico Lancer, Brylon pipe / Push bit with filter, discontinued. apollo, Medico Apollo, Brylon pipe​.

The Briar Patch Pipe Forum. Hardcastle Chin rester pipe. Briar Patch Town Square. Reply Hardcastle Chin rester pipe. Favorite Tobacco : No 1 personal favorite Location:. From Jon Guss: Both posts culled from Pipesmagazine pipesmagazine. It was invented by Eddie Hardcastle, son of the company’s founder Edmund, as a result of preparations for a Hardcastle exhibit at the British Industries Fair. Eddie was putting together a display built around his idea of illustrating “a day in the life in a pipe, showing them catching the train in the morning, going to work, sitting in the arm-chair at home at night.

But he [Eddie] just couldn’t get a pipe to sit properly in a chair! Out of curiosity Eddie tried the pipe in his own mouth, and found that it “rested perfectly on the chin and saved a lot of ‘jaw effort"”. Hardcastle wound up marketing the pipe and supposedly it sold well, especially for “fireside and motoring”.

YAAMS – Yello Bole Pug